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Due Diligence

On the Campaign Trail, You Run, We Research!

The time is almost here again – we are approaching a crucial election season. In today’s world, a lot of misinformation and hearsay is spread online and in advertisements, and it can be difficult separating fact from fiction. Wouldn’t it be nice to turn to a team of professional researchers for objective, yet useful information

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Asset Searches

Looking For A Pot Of Gold?

People, especially those who owe a large sum of money, or those who do not want their true wealth to be known, will go out of their way to hide assets. Whether through shell companies or properties, there are many ways an individual can hide money. Crossroads Investigations’ asset searches are the perfect way to

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Background Reports

Do Your Homework Before Handing Over Those Keys!

One was a serial squatter. Another was an obsessive man with the capacity to commit murder. While these stories of terrible tenants are the kind that would be aired on a Netflix docuseries such as “Worst Roommate Ever,” it is still important for everyday landlords and property managers to screen potential tenants. An FCRA-compliant background

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What To Do Before Romance Goes Up In Flames

Many of us tend to get swept up in fantasies of what modern romance should be. Meeting someone is easier than ever with our increased connectedness and the abundance of dating apps; however, not every connection has a fairy tale ending. No matter what stage of a relationship you are in, Crossroads Investigations has a

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Social Media

Savvy Social Media Sleuthing

It’s slightly unusual for someone to lack some sort of online presence, whether it’s a Facebook or LinkedIn profile. In our industry, the more present a subject is on social media, the better! We’ve been fortunate to be able to glean intel from social media to assist in our investigations. Some of the unique ways

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Let Us Handle Your International Investigations

From corporate due diligence to locating someone overseas, Crossroads Investigations has your back. We have a dependable network of investigators in most countries to ensure our clients’ needs are met globally. The important thing to note is that every country has its own guidelines for how specific investigations can be conducted, as well as which

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