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Background Reports: How Deep is Deep?

Crossroads Investigations: Deep Background Reports

One of our most popular products at Crossroads Investigations is our National Deep Background Report, which we sometimes call a hard asset report.  This is a great thumbnail sketch of a person or company.  The best part is we can turn this around in one business day.  

The report includes such items as nationwide criminal arrests, properties, vehicles, liens, bankruptcies, judgments, foreclosures, evictions, businesses, UCC filings, professional licenses and much more.  

We can run this report usually based off very little information – even name, approximate age, city, maybe a past address, a cell phone number – we have a lot of flexibility.  

The information derives from data sources that is available to law enforcement and SOME private investigators if they have cleared certain security checks.  

Sometimes a deep national background report isn’t enough.  That’s when we get into due diligence research conducted by a former CIA-trained analyst.  

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