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Employment Screening Compliance

Employment Screening Compliance by Marc Hurwitz

Here’s a great Crossroads story.  A new client just phoned and told us that they had previously used an online ‘person search’ company for their employment screening.  The search, however, did not pick up a grand theft charge, because the publicly available online systems generally have stale information.

Additionally, the company was not compliant with Federal employment laws because they were not searching within legal parameters, which state that background searches must be limited to specific scopes.  Finally, the company had someone conduct online searches on Google to find any derogatory information – also not legal.

Screen CaptureThey signed up for our online employment screening system – $45 for basic screening, including address history, aliases, national criminal, sexual predator and patriot act (wants and warrants, most wanted, etc.).  Adding $30 for a credit screening is prudent.  We recommend a ‘credit’ screening if the candidate has access to your books, cash or high-end merchandise – after all, if someone is financially vulnerable at home, no one knows what they may do if they have the opportunity to enrich themselves.

We also provide a Federally-compliant consent form for our clients to use with their employment and tenant candidates, ensuring that they are legally compliant.

The next time you’re ready to hire someone or lease a property, don’t risk the unknown:  Use our low-cost online system.  Registration is free and can be accessed by clicking here.


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