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How Much Are They Worth?

How Much Are They Worth? by Marc Hurwitz


One of the most frequent services that Crossroads Investigations provides is an Asset Search, which includes bank account searches.  In fact, finding assets has become an expertise.  Estimating an individual’s wealth is most certainly an art rather than a science, but Crossroads has combined some excellent tools to ensure our clients get the most accurate and complete data available.  

There are three reasons why our clients need this service: pending divorce, pending litigation (i.e. is it worth it to sue someone?), and post-judgment (finding the money).  

An Asset Profile includes:

Crossroads “X” Report

  • Properties (other services may provide this information, but Crossroads also provides mortgage details)
  • Vehicles (other services may provide this information, but Crossroads also provides financing details, as well as VIN and plate numbers)
  • UCC Filings
  • Liens
  • Bankruptcies
  • Foreclosures
  • Associated Corporations
  • The X report also includes other useful information such as criminal history, address history, and a lot more.  

Crossroads Asset Super Search

  • Nationwide Bank Accounts and Balances for individual and one associated business entity
  • Online Accounts 
  • Insurance Company Bank Accounts
  • Nationwide Brokerage and IRA Accounts and Balances for individual and one associated business entity
  • Safety Deposit Box Locations


Whether you’re seeking a divorce, thinking about litigation, or have already won in court, let Crossroads help you find what the other party is trying to hide from you.  

P.S. – Don’t forget, Crossroads now offers online employment and tenant screening.  Free registration for our online system can be found here: just fill out this form. 


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